Claire Visie is 2!!


Wow.. I can’t believe our baby girl is 2 years old today! Time really does fly and I am so thankful that i’ve been able to spend most of my days at home enjoying this sweet girl. She has grown and matured so much in the last year its crazy!

Claire’s 2 year old favorites!

  • She is still (or even more) in love with her foxes now then she was a year ago! As you’ll see since its in all her pictures
  • She loves watching & reading Kipper the Dog and Curious George, especially the one where George makes the pizza. You’ll hear her asking for “George pizza?” on any given day
  • She LOVES the beach and really anything to do with water!
  • She loves all her Aunts & Uncles and is always asking to go see them!
  • Especially Uncle Steve and his boat and Aunt Lindsay and her cat Chauncey.
  • She loves to count to 5 and sing ABC’s
  • Reading all her books and “making mommy coffee” in her play kitchen occupy most of her time in the mornings!
  • She already loves to collect stuffed animals and likes to line them all up on the couch and then sing and dance for them lol
  • Her cousins “Havie & Kayzie” are her favorite people to play with
  • She wakes up most days asking to go to the Zoo lol She absolutely loves animals, especially giraffes and dogs! Im going to have to work on my “not being an animal person” issue for her :S
  • Dirty Harry (my parents dog) is her favorite “toy” at Grandma’s house!
  • She loves to color, run, giggle and pretty much climb on everything like a little monkey!

I told Claire at the beginning of the week that we were going to go out and take photos for her birthday and she was asking about it all week! She was SO excited to go to the flower farm and say “cheese!” Enjoy my favorites from her 2nd birthday shoot! I know I added way to many but, hey.. she’s too cute and I couldn’t help it!

And yes, she randomly breaks out into song. Her favorite right now being “head, shoulders, knees and toes”

Claire: “hey, hey, hey daddy..  I’m reading”

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