Claire is 5!!


I can’t believe it – our baby girl is FIVE YEARS OLD?!

Like for real, how?! Some days it literally feels like we just brought her home from the hospital, but most days we can’t even remember what life was like without this fireball.

Claire Visie Daniels – you are hilarious, kind-hearted, incredibly imaginative and you love making others laugh. You sing more than you talk and you’re the most optimistic and adventure loving 5 year old we’ve ever met. Basically “we think you’re awesome, we think your cool” (title of Claire’s 783rd original song)

Some of Claire’s favorite things this year include:
Playing dress up (dressing Reid up)
Planning parties (see some photos from her “Flower Feast” below that she planned all by herself!)
Still in love with her foxes
Turning normal sentences into songs
Snuggling with Griffey
The color purple

The first set of photos are from Claire’s “Flower Feast” that she had been planning for MONTHS. She picked out all the details – ribbons hanging from the windows, flowers everywhere, original art by her, a flower crown, a surprise rainbow cake and everyone was asked to wear something floral. A huge thank you to our sweet friends and neighbors, Loren & Mary Beth for taking these party photos for us!

The second set are from our little beach/Ludington photo shoot we had on vacation right after her birthday! She had all sorts of ideas and posed herself lol she’s the best.


The best photo of us from the evening lol

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