We are Tim & Kylee Daniels, and welcome to our little nook of the internet! Our biggest hope while your here is that you'll leave even more excited for your marriage than you are for your wedding day.

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why we believe your herilooms matter

More than anything, we want to capture your photos in a way that is perfectly authentic to you. When you look at your images we hope you feel flooded with emotions that make you fall in love all over again. The joy, laughter and all the pretty little details are part of what makes your wedding day uniquely yours and we are so honored to help you preserve all you have envisioned

tears of joy. 
un-controlable laughter.
yep, thats the good stuff.


Your photos matter not because they're beautifully styled or perfectly lit,
but because they give someone a small glimpse into your story.
 A story that is uniquely the two of yours, the very beginning of some, and the beautiful heritage of others.  

This moment feels important, because it is.


Close your eyes for a second... Imagine yourself 25 years from now...
You and your hottie are sitting on the couch (still lookin fine as hell, btw). The kid from kid president is the actual President, Elon Musk lives on mars, and you randomly pull your wedding album out of the stack of books under the coffee table. You flip the album open and just smile. You see photos of you and your loved ones - your parents, siblings grandparents - all in one room together. Your kids are laughing at everything we all were convinced was "so cool", asking all sorts of questions as it all comes rushing back to you. You remember all the beautiful, joy-filled moments. Maybe some painful ones too, because that's life, and sometimes people are missing when you never imagined they would be. Your mind rushes forward as your wedding day was just the beginning of many more memories, lots of laughter and tears, and it's too good not to share with giggling mini-yous or furry snuggle pups.


about us

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We are...
Husband & Wife.
Passionate about relationships. 
Lovers of community & bad puns.
Extraverted homebodies.. is that even a real thing? 
Makers of ridiculously cute humans.

I love you
and I like you.


Our kids are awesome and we’re kind of obsessed with them. Claire is our spunky 6 year old daughter who loves all things science, animal and art related. The little chubby cheeked 3 year old is Reid, who on any given day can be found with cars in hand, dirt (somehow) on his face and shaking his booty for laughs. We love the fun and individual relationships they bring into our lives and honestly - we would take 10 of them. 

We got married when we were just babies on August 3rd, 2012 and can truly say that over 7 years later, marrying your best friend is one of the biggest blessings in the world.


We are two ultra dad joke loving people, who are honestly just super blessed to have a job where we are able to do two of our favorite things together: create + serve. We are weirdly similar - we share the same enneagram number and Meyers-Briggs type, and probably have too many things in common to be considered normal. We love traveling,  camping on Lake Michigan, making good food and working on our little fixer-upper. On almost any given evening you can find us sitting on our couch talking and reading, or (lets be honest) watching Parks & Rec for the 10th time.


these are a few of our favorite things

we believe grateful living = joyful living



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