Mollie + Phillip | Toledo, Ohio Wedding


Mollie + Phillip are just amazing. Just plain amazing. We were so excited and honored to be apart of their beautiful day and capture all the amazing details they put into it! There were so many little details of the day that made it so unique and special to them, so i figured “hey, lets let Mollie write her own blogpost!!” lol Here is what she had to say about all fun she had planning and experiencing her wedding day!

“When Phillip and I started planning our wedding we sat down and discussed what we wanted in our day. Things that were important to us were good food, spending quality time with our guests and making sure the day really represented us as a couple.

We had amazing BBQ from City BBQ of Findlay and so many of our guests raved about the food. We also had 16 different kinds of pie from Country Kitchen of Willard instead of cake. It was so nice giving our guests a variety of choices for dessert and we had pie to-go boxes made for them to take slices of pie home.

We had a big rehearsal dinner, camped out with our friends after the reception (even though it was below freezing), and had a morning after brunch. This allowed us to spend lots of quality time with people. Since we are from different parts of the country (I am from Texas he is from Ohio) this will probably be our only opportunity to have all of our friends and family members in the same place at the same time.

Lastly we included so many personal touches that represented us a couple. I am sure a lot of the details weren’t even noticed by our guests but they made the day so special for Phillip and I. A few of these details included tucking both of our great-grandmothers handkerchiefs into my bouquet, doing a whiskey aging ceremony instead of a unity candle and having our two favorite breweries beer there (Shiner Bock from Texas and Great Lakes from Ohio).

The bracelet I wore (which was also a gift from Phillip) was his grams and had pennies attached that included both of our birth years, the year we met, the year we got engaged, and the year we got married. He also left plenty of links for more milestones in our life together.

We are both so happy with how our day turned out and thankful to all the people who made the day so special. Our wedding was truly a labor of love from our friends and family members and that made the day even better!”

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