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We're Tim + Kylee - A husband and wife team of creators photographing couples in Toledo, Detroit and beyond. If you're a lover of simplistic beauty, spontaneous laughter and real emotions - you're in the right place and we should probably be friends. 
We want to do more than just capture your memories, we want to help you remember what each moment felt like. The anticipation you felt as you were getting all dressed up for the day, the overwhelming feeling when you see your best friend looking at you for the first time, the uncontrollable laughter, the energy and yes - even the ugly Kim K. cries, because you know what? They're all a part of your story, and your story deserves to be shared for all your generations to come. 

So welcome - We're honestly super glad you're here!


We are two ultra dad joke loving people who are honestly, just super blessed to have a job where we are able to do two of our favorite things together: create + serve others. Those 2 things above everything else, have always been our dream and we are so thrilled that it has brought us here!

Our kids are awesome and we're kind of obsessed with them - if you follow us on Instagram we're sure you've seem them already! We have always planned on adopting and hope to someday soon. On almost any given evening you can find us sitting on our couch, eating popcorn and laughing together. True story. We're kind of in love.

THINGS WE LOVE: Our littles, Claire + Reid   -   Renovating our little California style ranch   -   Local food   -   The use of GIF's   -   Traveling, even though most days its just to wherever they are headed next on the bachelor   -   The mountains   -   A good Netflix binge   -   Community

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We believe in the power of printing and preserving your images - wether that be through our heirloom albums or our matted gallery prints; your images deserve to be crafted into something tangible for your children and grandchildren to enjoy!

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